Watch: iKON Members Laugh, Cry, And Visit Their Past Lives During A Visit To Hypnosis Center










iKON members revisited their previous by present process hypnosis on “iKON TV.”

On the May 26 episode, iKON visited a hypnosis middle. At the middle, the professor defined that previously, hypnosis was used to see the previous life, however now it’s extra used for calm and psychological stability.

Bobby was the primary one to enter the hypnosis room whereas the opposite six members watched and listened from a room subsequent door.

The professor advised Bobby to shut his eyes, chill out, and breathe deeply about 10 occasions. Soon, Bobby was beneath hypnosis and started to blink his eyes quickly.

Smiling, Bobby stated that he was again in kindergarten stated, “It’s humorous.” The professor requested him to giggle his coronary heart out and the members watched in awe. Bobby additionally talked about consuming steamed potatoes together with his older brother and associates.

Afterwards, the professor advised him to create an area in his thoughts and requested him who he needed to ask, to which Bobby answered, “My older brother.”

In an interview, Bobby defined that his older brother not too long ago grew to become a father and thinks that it might be the rationale why he considered his brother. Bobby revealed that he needed to inform his brother to not fear and that the phrases he needed to listen to probably the most from him have been, “Thank you.”

When the professor advised Bobby that his older brother thanked him, Bobby smiled broadly. The iKON member started to cry when the professor stated that his brother advised him he did a superb job and that he labored laborious.

During his interview, Bobby defined, “The phrases ‘You labored laborious’; I don’t know. I believe it’s touching to listen to it from my brother.”

Donghyuk was the second member to grow to be hypnotized. While watching, Bobby stated, “I hope he meets his dad,” and B.I added, “He’s going to sob,” referring to how Donghyuk’s father handed away when he was younger.

The professor advised Donghyuk to return in time to the previous, to the time the place the particular person he needed to see probably the most was there. Donghyuk started to cry and the opposite members watching him additionally grew to become emotional.

Donghyuk talked about making Lego blocks together with his dad. He added that his dad seemed unhappy and advised him that he was sorry.

He revealed that the phrases he needed to listen to probably the most from his dad have been, “You labored laborious, Donghyuk.” He additionally advised his dad the phrases he needed to say probably the most, which have been “I’m sorry,” “I really like you,” and “I miss you.”

The professor concluded, “To that one that you miss and love, make a pledge that you’ll seem assured.” With that, he awoke from the hypnosis and wiped his tears away with a smile.

The third member to grow to be hypnotized was Junhoe, who stated he needed to really feel the issues that made him completely happy. Perhaps because of his nerves, it was troublesome for Junhoe to grow to be hypnotized. After about an hour of attempting varied strategies, he did not grow to be hypnotized.

Unlike the opposite members, B.I and Yunhyeong needed to discover their previous lives. B.I defined that he was carrying a bamboo hat, drawing, and that he had no job or house. However, he lived within the mountains and felt free. On the opposite hand, Yunhyeong described his house as a palace and himself as a prince. He added that he was with a girl who was carrying a costume and guessed that they could be getting married.

Jinhwan was the ultimate member to grow to be hypnotized. He couldn’t converse very properly when requested about his most troublesome reminiscence and defined that he was on the dentist. He described some upsetting reminiscences together with his members. Jinhwan stated, “My throat hurts and I can’t swallow meals. The members ate tacos. I’m irritated. I might have floor it up and eat it too.”

He additionally revealed, “Sometimes, I want they knew that I’m a hyung. I believe they consider me as a buddy.” Jinhwan stated that the phrases he needed to listen to from the members have been, “Thank you, hyung.” When requested what he needed to say to his fellow members, Jinhwan started to cry. He acknowledged, “Guys, I’ll be an upright [person].”

During his interview, Bobby stated, “iKON exists due to Jinhwan. Really. Deep inside our minds, should you ask the entire members, he’s a hyung. He actually is the oldest brother and everybody most likely thinks this fashion.”

“iKON TV” airs on Saturdays at 10 p.m. KST on YouTube and V Live, and at 12:30 a.m. KST on JTBC.

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