SEVENTEEN Dishes On Stage Names They Almost Had, Hanging Out With Each Other’s Parents, And More On “Ask Us Anything”










SEVENTEEN had the whole solid in stitches all through their newest look on “Ask Us Anything”!

On the October 24 episode of the favored JTBC selection present, all 13 members of SEVENTEEN appeared as company. While reintroducing themselves as “switch college students” (in step with the present’s premise), the SEVENTEEN members defined the meanings behind their stage names for the sake of the “Ask Us Anything” solid.

When Woozi defined that his actual identify was Jihoon and that his stage identify was an abbreviation for “Our Jihoonie,” Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul jokingly remarked, “You can inform from the nickname ‘Our Jihoonie’ that the corporate ambiance is de facto heat. Kang Ho Dong‘s nickname, [on the other hand,] must be ‘Your Ho Dong.’”

Seo Jang Hoon teasingly chimed in, “It’s ‘Other People’s Ho Dong.’”

The SEVENTEEN members then went on to inform the story of how Mingyu, DK, and TheEight had virtually used one another’s stage names.

DK defined, “I wasn’t initially Dokyeom [DK’s Korean stage name]. Mingyu was initially imagined to be Dokyeom, and I had a number of potential stage names. There was Yong Pal, and I virtually grew to become that. Then there was 8Light, after which I virtually grew to become The8.”

When the solid requested how these names had been related, DK defined, “‘Yong Pal’ meant the highly effective vocals of eight dragons, and that later grew to become The8 [pronounced ‘D8’ in Korean]. Meaning Dragon Eight.”

“But Mingyu ended up utilizing his given identify,” he continued, “so I wound up utilizing Dokyeom, which was initially imagined to be for Mingyu.”

Later, throughout this system’s signature guessing-game phase, Joshua informed the amusing story of how Hoshi had as soon as shocked him by acquiring his dwelling telephone quantity with out his information, then going to Joshua’s dwelling in LA with out him for a home-cooked meal.

“This was throughout our North American tour,” defined Joshua. “My mother got here to our live performance, so all of us greeted her then. Later on, I used to be having a meal and catching up with some mates once I abruptly obtained a textual content from my mother with a photograph. She and Hoshi had been having galbi [grilled ribs] at dwelling.”

As everybody cracked up, Joshua continued, “So I appeared on the picture, and it was my home. My mother was making galbi for Hoshi at dwelling, and it was simply the 2 of them.”

Jeonghan then identified, “TheEight additionally just lately had a meal and went fishing with Mingyu’s dad with out telling Mingyu.”

TheEight defined, “Mingyu’s dad and mom take such excellent care of me. They even informed me, ‘We’re your Korean mother and pa.’ So once I had some free time and Mingyu was out working, I didn’t have something to do, and Mingyu’s dad abruptly got here to thoughts. So I contacted him, and he informed me, ‘If you’re bored, let’s go fishing collectively.’ So we went fishing.”

Mingyu recalled with fun, “What was humorous about it was that at about three within the afternoon, I obtained hungry and requested The8, ‘Myungho [The8’s Korean name], what are you as much as? Let’s seize some meals collectively.’ And he stated, ‘I already went out to eat together with your dad earlier.’”

Kang Ho Dong commented in amazement, “It’s such as you’re all one household,” and the SEVENTEEN members agreed, “We’re all shut.”

At one other level within the episode, Joshua impressed the solid by exhibiting off his capacity to carry a handstand for very lengthy durations of time—even whereas strolling round on his palms.

After he had confirmed his abilities, Lee Soo Geun advised that Joshua and three of his bandmates carry out an amusing comedian skit wherein all of them walked by the classroom window, with Joshua strolling in a handstand in order that solely his toes can be seen.

Check out the clip of Joshua exhibiting off his abilities—and SEVENTEEN’s impromptu comedy skit—under!

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