Most Memorable Scenes From “Lawless Lawyer” That Kept Viewers Glued To Their Screens










tvN drama “Lawless Lawyer” has captivated viewers each week with its fast-paced storyline, movie-like directing, and passionate performing of its forged.

Here are the highest 5 memorable scenes which have left a robust impression and earned reward from viewers.

1. Lee Hye Young’s “put your head down” scene (Episode 2)

This is a scene that highlighted the duality of Cha Moon Sook (performed by Lee Hye Young) who is an evil choose with the face of a noble saint. In response to lawyer Go In Doo (performed by Jeon Jin Ki) who defended his consumer with no single cross-examination in her courtroom, she insulted him by commanding, “Put your head down.”

With this scene, she left a robust impression on viewers by revealing her chilly, clean face and piercing eyes that lie behind her variety smile.

2. Lee Joon Gi and Lee Hye Young’s courtroom disturbance scene (Episode 2)

This was a scene that exposed the hidden plan after the fog of the fireplace extinguisher settled within the courtroom.

While attempting to delay the beginning of the trial for Bong Sang Pil (performed by Lee Joon Gi), Manager Tae (performed by Kim Byung Hee) and Geum Kang (performed by Lim Ki Hong) set off a fireplace extinguisher and induced chaos within the courtroom.

Just then, Bong Sang Pil confidently walked into the courtroom and grabbed everybody’s consideration. To the “absolute evil” Cha Moon Sook standing on the opposite facet of the fog, he introduced, “The trial begins now” and gave catharsis to the viewers.

3. Lee Joon Gi’s nightclub motion scene (Episode 2)

Bong Sang Pil went to rescue Ha Jae Yi (performed by Seo Ye Ji) who had been kidnapped by Seok Kwan Dong (performed by Chi Dae Hoon).

This was the results of the mixture of Lee Joon Gi’s artistic motion utilizing jujitsu and director Kim Jin Min’s dynamic and complicated digital camera work. This thrilling scene shined amidst the heavy storyline and highlighted among the finest components of a authorized drama.

4.  Lee Joon Gi’s underground tunnel motion scene (Episode 3)

Bong Sang Pil fought an attacker with a knife who was following orders of Ahn Oh Joo (performed by Choi Min Soo) in an underground tunnel.

When the scene modified from Bong Sang Pil who was throughout the prepare tracks to the assault scene, the film-like path offered an intense scene to viewers that just about felt like time journey. Kim Jin Min’s distinctive directing and Lee Joon Gi’s highly effective motion and anger-filled performing created some of the memorable scenes for its viewers.

5.  Lee Joon Gi and Seo Ye Ji’s kiss scene (Episode 6)

Bong Sang Pil and Ha Jae Yi confirmed their emotions for each other by a kiss. While caressing Bong Sang Pil’s cheek, Ha Jae Yi requested, “How did you reside like this for 18 years?” It was a second when Ha Jae Yi’s tears expressed the unlucky lifetime of Bong Sang Pil who devoted his whole life to revenge.

The raindrops between the 2 individuals additionally created a gorgeous veil that heightened their chemistry and made viewers stay up for their romance.

“Lawless Lawyer” airs on Saturdays at 9 p.m. KST. Check out the newest episode beneath!

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