3 Impactful Lines From Choo Ja Hyun To Jo Yeo Jeong In “Beautiful World” About Covering Up School Violence










JTBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Beautiful World” has featured three honest strains by Choo Ja Hyun’s character to Jo Yeo Jeong’s character that deal with points surrounding the cover-up of college violence.


Because the character Park Sun Ho (performed by Nam Da Reum) within the drama was misunderstood as being a perpetrator of college violence, his mom Kang In Ha (performed by Choo Ja Hyun) was put in the same state of affairs as that of Seo Eun Joo (performed by Jo Yeo Jeong).

In Ha was afraid Sun Ho’s wrongdoing could be revealed, so she tried to cowl it up. Since In Ha empathized with Eun Joo’s state of affairs, she provided heartfelt recommendation to cease Eun Joo from doing something rash to cowl up her son’s wrongdoings.

See three strains which have had an influence on viewers under.

1. “Covering up the reality is like sending Joon Seok to hell.”

Oh Joon Seok (performed by Seo Dong Hyun) is the principle chief of violence at college and In Ha discovered that Eun Joo was within the neighborhood of the varsity the day the incident occurred. In Ha realized that the Eun Joo had been type this entire time to cowl up the reality concerning the college violence to guard her son Joon Seok.

Despite the cover-up turning into an increasing number of apparent, Eun Joo continued to lie concerning the incident. In response, In Ha stated, “Covering up the reality doesn’t shield Joon Seok, it’s like sending Joon Seok to hell.” In Ha criticized Eun Joo’s means of defending and loving her son. In Ha checked out Eun Joo’s anxious face and added, “Do you even sleep? I discover it onerous to sleep, how about you? You appear in ache too.” The final line shook up Eun Joo, who was affected by guilt consistently.

2. “What you are attempting to guard isn’t Joon Seok, however your self.”

In Ha met Joon Seok, who’s suspected to have met Sun Ho on the day of the incident. In Ha stated, “Adults might not be trustworthy, however I got here with the hope that perhaps you would possibly confess actually. You are my solely hope.” Joon Seok didn’t inform In Ha the reality as a result of he was instructed by his dad and mom Oh Jin Pyo (performed by Oh Man Seok) and Eun Joo to maintain it a secret.

Eun Joo got here on the lookout for Joon Seok and informed In Ha, “I’m warning you to not mess with my son. I’m going to guard my son.” In Ha furiously replied, “What you are attempting to guard isn’t Joon Seok, however your self. You are attempting to guard the privileges you’ve been having fun with till now.” In Ha added, “Just as a result of you’re a mom doesn’t imply you may be exempt out of your sins.”

3. “You and Joon Seok are already in ruins.”

Eun Joo created a false alibi for Joon Seok on the day of the incident. Joon Seok ran away from dwelling as a result of he felt suffocated from his mom who informed him, “I’m doing this for you. To me, you’re the entire world.”

Eun Joo remembered Joon Seok saying that he was jealous of how comfy Sun Ho’s dwelling was. Eun Joo went to Sun Ho’s neighborhood and In Ha noticed Eun Joo pacing round their dwelling. In Ha felt sympathy and in addition associated to Eun Joo as a result of she too tried to keep away from the reality to guard her son. In Ha informed Eun Joo, “You are already a large number. You and Joon Seok are already in ruins.” Despite listening to this remark, Eun Joo stated, “That won’t ever occur. My Joon Seok has no issues.”

“Beautiful World” airs each Friday and Saturday at 11 p.m. KST on JTBC.

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